Romen creates his unique architectural images using nature and design as inspiration. This results in a multi-dimensional and harmonious parallel alignment between both worlds.

Romen blends traditional photography techniques with digital imagery. Layers of three- dimensional (3D) forms are created using different mediums including mirrors, light, paper, plastic, fabric and sometimes projection. The installation is then photographed and the resulting image is used as the base for the next 3D layer. This process can be repeated many times to achieve the final desired image.

Romen’s work probes the possibilities for art in the epoch of post-postmodernism, with the return of art practices to their roots. Romen’s images are created as amalgamations of the elements of painting, such as form, colour, light, textures and space. As the artist says: “The use of technique is fundamental to create this body of work and these images cannot be replicated, neither by myself nor others, as the beauty of my work is created by the natural laws of chance’.